House Church

By Jenny Colley


House church is an informal term for a group of Christians gathering regularly or spontaneously in a home or on grounds not normally used for worship services, instead of a building dedicated to the purpose. Another term with the same meaning is "home church".

Some churches meet in houses because they lack a conventional church building; these are not normally regarded as house churches as the intent is to eventually move into an offsite facility.

Others meet in homes because they prefer to meet informally, because they believe it is an effective way of creating community and engaging in outreach, or because they believe small family-sized churches were a deliberate apostolic pattern in the first century and intended by Christ. Some, perhaps, meet in homes for several of these reasons.

House Church Central is dedicated to the growing house church movement and endeavors to provide house churches with :

  • A channel for the interchange of ideas
  • A source for solid, Christian theology
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