Mark's Gospel

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Blind Bartimaeus

(Mark 10:46-52)

Jesus and his disciples are now very near their final destination, Jerusalem. The ancient city of Jericho is only fifteen miles away from the capital. This is the last healing miracle in Mark. He wants us to think of the disciples, not Bartimaeus, as the ones who are really blind. They still do not know what Jesus' Messiahship really means.

Bartimaeus had not met Jesus before, although it is likely that he had heard stories about him. He knew that Jesus was capable of restoring his sight. He shouted out to Jesus addressing him as 'Son of David'. Despite the crowd, Bartimeaus shouted out even louder and Jesus called him over. Jesus told him, "Go, your your faith has made you well." The Greek phrase 'made you well' could equally be translated as 'save you'. Bartimeaus then followed Jesus along the road. Mark is showing his readers that the true disciple follows Jesus. Jesus was heading for Jerusalem and ultimatelly his death. Perhaps Mark has Jesus' words in mind, "If any one wants to come with me he must forget self, carry his cross, and follow me." If this the case then Bartimaeus is a model for Christian discipleship.

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